2019 Winter comp, New FINA Rules!

The new winter competition begins in April, and it will be adopting the new FINA rules that make some big changes to the game. These include changes to when you can shoot after a foul outside 6m, on the fly substitutions, 20 second shot clock and more. The entire document on the new rules is attached.


There will be a practice games with the new rules in the first week of April ahead of the winter competition beginning. 2nd April (16 girls, WSL1,2,3) 3rd April (Youth Boys/16s and Junior Men/18s) & 4th of April (MSL2/6). Each evening will including 15 min briefing about the new rules from referees.


If you are yet to confirm your place in the upcoming comp please do so ASAP with your team captain or coach!

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