Fee Structure

NYP Dragons aims to keep costs down for its members as much as possible through fundraising and cost saving measures. However, some fees remain necessary and how these are structured are outlined below.

  1. VWPI Registration: this is registration with Water Polo Victoria. All the revenue goes to Water Polo Victoria to cover administration costs and player insurance.
  2. Club membership: this is club membership to NYP Dragons. All the revenue goes to the club to cover costs of equipment (balls, caps, goals) and club functions (e.g. presentations) as well as other club expenses.
  3. Match fee payment: this is the cost of playing a season of water polo, either the Victorian State Championships (summer competition) or the Winter Competition. The revenue goes to the club, who in turn pay Water Polo Victoria for the games the club teams play. Thus, this fee is dependent on team numbers.

The exact amount of these fees and how they can be paid are communicated via email prior to the due date.

Note that to attend training the cost of regular pool admission is paid directly to the venue upon entry.