Our Values

Our Vision

“NYP Dragons Water Polo Club. Compete. Improve. Enjoy.”

Our Mission

We are a community club where water polo is played for the enjoyment of all our members. The club:

  • Encourages participation at all levels and abilities
  • Embraces diversity of members
  • Instils strong values in everything that we do
  • Is competitive but does not seek to win at all cost
  • Provides development opportunities for players to be the best they can be
  • Strives for excellence in all respects
  • Sets strong foundations for juniors

Our Core Values

Our core values support our vision, shape our culture, reflect our beliefs and help us to make decisions. The culture of our Club as reflected in our values are what differentiates us from other clubs.


  • Fostering friendship and goodwill in all our relationships
  • Making new members and guests feel at home
  • Showing respect and courtesy for each other


  • Respecting member diversity
  • Treating others equally, and with respect
  • Embracing the different strengths and perspectives offered by a diverse member base


  • Being the best that we can be in competitions
  • Providing all players opportunities to develop and improve their skills
  • Delivering strong training programs that cater to all levels and abilities


  • Working together to achieve a common goal
  • All members contributing to the success of the Club


  • Everyone sharing in the enjoyment of water polo
  • Encouraging fun and enjoyment through participation


  • Upholding our values in everything we do